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Shiraz Tata

Shiraz Tata, a psychologist by profession, believes that healthy communities promote healthy individuals. Having volunteered with social justice efforts in Rockford for many years, the opportunity to co-create a social enterprise like Inscape Collective appealed to her.
Among her favorite parts of volunteering with Inscape have been working with a wonderful group of women to sustain this non-profit; getting to know our 30+ local artists; and welcoming our customers into Inscape. Her goal is to work with our Midtown and to make our neighborhood thrive as an integral part of a healthy greater Rockford region.
Shiraz wants to hear others’ ideas about becoming involved with Inscape Collective. She would love for more people to join us in our creative endeavor to support our local artists whose works we sell in the shop. Your support for Inscape also allows us to offer programs accessible to all in our Community Room. These include art workshops, concerts, health and well-being presentations, and financial empowerment seminars, among others.

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