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“ I can promise you that women working together—linked, informed, and educated can bring peace and prosperity to our communities and our planet”—Isabelle Allende

Inscape Collective: Our Mission

Our mission is to provide economic, creative, and self-actualization opportunities to people of all backgrounds from throughout the Rockford community. Our goal is to promote intercultural communication and community, bringing diverse women together to learn, inspire one another, and grow together.

Art & Handmade Goods Rockford IL

what you'll find at Inscape Collective



Earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.



Prints, mixed media, needlepoint, etc.



Pottery, planters, bowls, dishes, decor, etc.



Athleisure wear tanks, shirts, sweaters, leggings, sweatpants from Jhoole


Home & Garden

Chimes, sun-catchers, coat hangers, stepping stones, etc.



Cards, notebooks, magnets, etc.

Community Programs & Events Rockford IL

We offer a wide array of programs in holistic health, self-development,

the creative arts, exercise, dance, entrepreneurial skills, and more!

No events at the moment
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Inscape Collective Members

Our retail shop sells products from diverse female artists, artisans and entrepreneurs. Proceeds from our sales go towards subsidizing a wide-array of life-enhancing programming to ensure that it is accessible to women of all socio-economic backgrounds. 

The Contributors That Make Inscape Possible

They help to make our mission a reality for our community

Partners of Inscape Collective

Serenity Hospice & Home

Serenity Hospice & Home

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity

Alderman Isidro Barrios

Alderman Isidro Barrios

Oak Street Health

Oak Street Health

City of Rockford

City of Rockford

Rockford Urban Ministries

Rockford Urban Ministries

Rockford Area Arts Council

Rockford Area Arts Council

Midtown District

Midtown District

Friends of Inscape Collective

Carl Paulli

Pat Faivre

Joan Sage

Charles & Jill Jackson

Jan Malmberg

Rockford Park District 

Carl & Joan Kohl

Joanne Coleman 

Volunteer with Us!

We look forward to collaborating within our community

There are many opportunities to volunteer with Inscape Collective,


Including but not limited to:

  • Store hours

  • Event committees

  • Fundraising

  • Children’s crafts and activities

  • Program set-up and take-down


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